Friday, April 2, 2010

operation : europe

mymichael and i have, for years, wanted to go to europe but have never really put forth the effort to go to europe...apparently it costs money to get over there!  so this year with our tax return in hand we looked at eachother and decided that this was the year that we would go to europe.  of course, any of you who know my husband knows it is not that simple.  we can't just take our tax return and head to europe...we have to work for for it....regardless that we have the money in hand! 

so, operation : europe has been put into place as of april 1st.  to him this is no biggy.  to me it will be hard, a change in my everyday routine.  i will actually have to NOT turn left at 91st & mingo to go to starbucks at 81st...i will have to hold the steering wheel tight and head straight to the highway....*sigh*.  i know, sounds ridiculous, but when you look forward to your starbucks every morning {or the night before} it is a hard habit to break! 

on the other hand i am super stoked....we are going to europe!  we haven't nailed down our destination quite yet, and that is where you guys come into play.  we will most likely be going on 10-14 day tour, that way all accomodations and travel are taken care of.  we want to go everywhere in europe, so deciding where is hard.  we don't want our "vacation" to be spent on a bus or train the entire time, so we have decided to try and keep it to fewer destinations instead of the "18 country tour in 10 days" that is available.  originally we were thinking just italy, which i love the idea of. 

then the other night we were looking through some brochures and we saw a tour that hits london, paris, & rome. 

 it sounded neat as well, i just don't know. 
so, if you have been to europe please comment and let me know your thoughts! 


  1. I highly suggest making a swing over to Germany or Austria! It is so beautiful and there is so much history and things to do there. I went to Munich, Germany and loved it! I also went to Salzburg, Austria (where the Sound of Music was Filmed) beautiful country side. If I had to choose, I would go back to Germany and see more of the countryside. Also, Switzerland has some great areas. If you are into extreme sports (bungee jumping, Paragliding, Sky diving), Interlaken, Switzerland is a fun fun place (and they have a Hooters). I have lots more of advise if you want some. Just email me! Have so much, Europe is an incredible experience. I would recommend renting some lenses to take with you, especially a wide angle lens, and make sure you have lots of Memory Cards!

  2. That sounds like so much fun!!! Dad lived in Italy for nine months during Desert Storm. If you guys decided that is where you are going I am sure he could give you some pointers.

  3. All my comments can't fit into a post either. Obviously, you know I lived in Italy, so I have TONS of advice for a trip there. But I've been to London, Paris, Spain, and Sweden too. Depending on what kind of trip you want will decide "where" to go. But I would HIGHLY recommend the Italy tour. And 10 days there would be perfect!


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