Thursday, April 21, 2011

florida, here we come!

that's right!  we are headed to florida the end of may and boy am i ready.  my youngest cousin, clay, joined the army in february.  he is graduating from boot camp at fort benning in georgia, so the family is headed down to see him.  but, on the way we are all making a *quick* pit stop in destin, florida.  i mean, it's on the way, right?  i'm super excited.  if you haven't been to destin, you must go.  it's absolutely beautiful.  white sand beaches and blue water.  i will just plop myself down and relax for a few days.

kj the she's not black...that is what happens when she gets sun.  makes me sick i tell ya!

scott the octopus

any suggestions for this year's sand art????

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