Friday, July 23, 2010


i have come across two websites that offer awesome daily deals.  the first one is GROUPON.  this is available in different cities around the states.  you register for free  and every day you are emailed a coupon.  a certain number of people have to purchase the coupon before it is "a go", which explains the name GROUPON...a group coupon!  they range from restaurant deals {get $40 of food or beverages for $20}, spa deals {massages, pedicures, cut and color, etc.}, photo printing {i got a coupon for a canvas print}, etc.  it highlights local businesses around town.  it's a fun treat each morning to see what the new deal is.  

LIVING SOCIAL is the same concept, so instead of one great coupon a day, you have two to look at.  FYI...their coupon today is $40 food/beverages at Kilkenny's for only $20.  check them out and see what awesome deals you get!  i'm finding that it is a great way to try out different restaurants around town.  this week i purchased one for Mod's Coffee & Crepes downtown.  I'm super excited to try them out b/c i LOVE crepes!

Happy Friday!

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