Thursday, July 1, 2010

this and that

i feel like the past month i have been running around like crazy!  between getting ready for vacation, tons of stuff at work and spending time with family and friends, i haven't had much time to sit down - - or think for that matter!

the day has finally come (tomorrow) for us to leave on vacation!  woo hoo!  i am more than excited...and a bit stressed b/c i still have a bunch to do + work until noon tomorrow.  for those who don't know, mymichael and i plus another couple are going to london, paris and rome.  it's the first time i've been to europe and i have wanted to go for as long as i can remember.  it still doesn't seem possible that tomorrow evening (central time) we will be in london.  i think it will be one of those things that once we get there it will seem like a dream or something and then when we get home we will wonder if we REALLY were there.  however it works, i am going to enjoy every last minute of it.

i do have to say that i have been loving my fed ex and ups guys.  i have had goodies delivered quite frequently.  here are some of the goodies {some of you all gave input in what i should get...thank you!}:

new 5d mark ii

camera bag {the black and grey ones are on back-order.  blue isn't my fave but it will do!}

ecco gladiator sandals....they are comfortable!  i originally got a pair of merrell ones, but after ordering 2 sizes and one being too big, the other too small, i went with these.  so far they are great.  i'll put them to the test!

a rented wide angle 16mm-35mm/2.8.  just got it yesterday and after the few minutes i have played with it, can i just say "holy moly!"  this thing is awesome.  it is going to be great on vacation!  {}

i'm the worst packer ever, so last weekend i visited my sis in stillwater and she helped me pack.  she said to bring some clothes with me, this is what i brought...

what to pack, what to pack?

kj is awesome with fashion.  she can put an outfit together in no time flat and and have you looking your best.  we had a good time...see packing can be fun!  oh, and i haven't mentioned yet, but mymichael is CARRYING ON!  yeah, he is not checking a bag like a normal person would do, he is packing in his GYM BAG.  i tell you is C R A Z Y! =)

monday night my friend allison took me and kelly to downtown for a night photography crash course.  enough to hopefully allow me to get some good night photos.  it's so different than photography during the day.  we had a blast.  thank goodness downtown tulsa is dead at night b/c we were literally in the middle of the street, at times on our stomachs b/c one of us was using a table top tripod.  i'm sure the few cars that drove by thought we were crazy.  anyways, here are some practice shots.

check out those star bursts on the stop lights...and can you see the car tail light trail on the right side of the pic?

the pic below is achieved by zooming in or out when your shutter is open.  pretty cool affect!

and finally, here is just a cool sihloette {sp?} shot in my front yard

i hope everyone has a fun 4th of july...please light some firecrackers for me and eat lots of good food.  we'll be stuffing our mouths with bangers and mash...that is what they serve in london, right? 

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  1. Have an amazing time on your trip! I can't wait to see pictures! Loved the picture of you and your sister picking your clothes out!


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