Wednesday, November 17, 2010

arts & crafts show @ jenks church

this saturday is the arts and crafts show at jenks church!  if you like neat and creative finds, this is the place for you.  in the spring they had multiple booth with people that have etsy shops which was great b/c there is always cute stuff on etsy!  there was also great jewelry, knitted items, leather items, scrapbooking items, candles, etc. 

i bought some adorable photo props....a knitted cap for a little boy and multiple headbands with flowers and flower clips for little girls.  all that cute stuff that you wish stores would carry!  so anyways, if you need to do some christmas shopping, then head out to jenks church at 118th & elwood.  it's always fun to give meaningful gifts that someone actually made.  details are below....happy shopping! 

oh, and if any of you readers are going to have a booth, please comment about what you will be showcasing!

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