Thursday, May 6, 2010

the geek squad & sony suck

yes.  they suck.  i am now at almost 3 weeks and still do not have my computer back and i'm about to go crazy!!! 

the geeks told me i needed to order the sony recovery cd's for my computer.  so i did, last thursday and paid more for overnight shipping than i did for the actual cd's.  it was past the overnight cut-off so i thought at the latest i would have the cd's by monday.  monday came and went, tuesday came and went, so wednesday {yesterday} i called sony.  i talked to "raffy" {person #1}who informed me that i had missed the overnight cut-off time last thursday.  i told him i realized that, but it was now almost a week later and still no cd's.  he put me on hold to consult with his superior.  he got back on and said that i had placed the order online and that there had been an error.  i asked him why i received a confirmation email saying that everything went through fine.  he said he didn't know, but there was an error...i asked what the error was and again, he didn't know.  so, his solution was that they would resend the cd's, overnight them, and not charge me any shipping at all.  i said that was fine but that i didn't want to get charged twice for them.  raffy informed me that they don't charge the credit card until the cd's leave the warehouse.  so after a 30 minute conversation with raffy i took down a new confirmation number and his name stating that if i didn't get the cd's or i was charged twice i would be calling back for him.

i called mymichael immediately to have him check our account and see if they already charged our card...and you guessed it...they had, on monday.  so now my irritation meter has just tripled, and it was already high.  i call the number back, press 4 and wait for someone to answer.  a lady comes on and i ask for raffy who i just spoke with 2 minutes ago.  of course she says that they can't transfer calls but that she, "ronnie" {person #2} can help me.  i tell her my story from the very beginning finishing up with, "you have already charged my account once, i do not want another charge...i'm not paying for these cd's twice!".  she says she has to consult with her superior and i said, "no, i want to talk with your superior, i've already been on the phone with raffy for 30 minutes, now you, and i want to talk to your superior instead of you talking to them for me."  she put me through to lou {person #3 for those counting}. 

lou comes on and after going to the scenario, a third time, she says they are going to overnight another set of cd's and that they are only going to charge me "standard shipping, a 5-7 day delivery, instead of the cost for overnight shipping, so  i will credit your account $11.50".  i told her that raffy, person #1, said they wouldn't charge me anything for shipping and would still overnight them.  she said "yes, your not understanding me, we will overnight them, but only charge you for standard shipping".

at this point i am beyond pissed b/c i have now spent an hour of my day dealing with this and so here was my response:

"lou i understand what you are saying, understand what i am saying. you will not only credit my account $11.50.  you will be crediting my account $18.50 so that i do not pay shipping at all.  that is what raffy said an hour ago when i started this whole conversation.  it is not my problem that you all have taken a week to get me something that i paid overnight shipping for.  i am not paying shipping on these cd's." {i might state that i has talking very sternly in a higher pitched voice at this point.....not quite yelling....but definitely on the verge}.  she said the they would do this as a "one-time only thing" to which i responded, "i don't plan on having to do this ever again.  so lets recap, you are going to credit my account $18.50 and i will have my cd's by 5:00pm tomorrow, thursday, correct?  and when should i expect the credit to my account?"

so, we will see if #1 i get the cd's by 5:00pm today and #2 if i am credited $18.50 in 5-7 business days.  i'm not putting money on either.  but just think, once i  get these i get to go back to dealing with the geeks.  my how this is just so fun.  why can't people just do their jobs in a timely manner?  why i ask, why????

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