Thursday, May 13, 2010

what the heck do i know?

so the saga sony recovery disks FINALLY came to me in the mail.  i took them to the geeks, they said they would have it done the next day (tuesday).  tuesday around 4:30 i call to see if my computer is done and here is the news i received:

"when we replaced your hardrive your computer would not recognize the new hardrive, which means that the connection between your hardrive and mother board is not working.  to replace the mother board it would be at least $300-$400.  so, really,
we would suggest you just get a new computer."

of course you would.  after 3 weeks of working on my computer you would finally decide that i need a new one, when my first question i asked was, "should i mess with trying to fix this computer or just look at getting a new one?".  what the heck is your "diagnostics" for if it can't even tell you that the mother board (whatever the heck that is) is going out? 

and here is the thing that kills me....almost 3 years ago (at the end of june) i bought my computer for $1,700.  i can't just get a regular laptop b/c of the programs i run, so when i list off the programs they lead me over to about 2 or 3 options that are WAY more expensive than the others.  $1,700 people.  and it got me 3 years!  what is wrong with this picture?  these computer people are making a killing!  personally, i think if someone spends that much money on ANYTHING it should last a good long while.  it's just ridiculous.  i think there should be some sort of trade in program.  After a said number of years (3 or 4 b/c lets face it, computers don't last much longer than that) you can bring in your computer and upgrade for a couple hundred dollars.  then they take your old computer and recycle/upcycle it.   

but what the heck do i know?

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