Friday, May 21, 2010

a graduate & a newborn

a couple of weekends ago we went to watch one of our best friends graduate from osu.  not only was he graduating, but he had his 4 day old new daughter there! 

she slept through the entire graduation...cow bells and all...can you tell i was a little occupied with the new addition to the family?  {sorry nate....}

rock star mama....4 days after giving birth and she looked great!

nate & ash, you are starting miss shelby out right....all decked out in osu orange + a few rhinestones!  {sorry aunt whit, but you are going to have to come to terms that she will be sporting orange...none of that crimson stuff you wear!}

a proud daddy and his little girl!

after the graduation we went back to nate & ashley's where i was able to snap a couple pictures of shelby before it got too dark.

nate & ash, she is a doll!  congratulation!

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