Tuesday, June 8, 2010

on the farm

we have spent the past 3 weekends at the farm.  between my youngest cousins high school graduation, memorial day, and another cousins wedding, we have stayed busy.  here is what's going on, on the farm...

graduating seniors!

great-grandma with her great-grandbaby....they like each other a little!

one of grandpa's cows had twin calves!
dax, the farm dog, checking out one of the new additions

working on the 100 year old farmhouse, replacing the wood framing around the windows

country breakfasts at the farmhouse

mak and oscar playing with dax

lounging in the sun

getting too much sun

***health announcement***please remember to wear sunscreen!  mymichael got my back side sprayed, but somehow we missed my front side.  i have NEVER been this burnt before.

staring at beautiful scenery all around {sorry for the blurriness...}

how can you resist that face?

oscar had fun...but he was ready to go home!  the farm life is tough....

don't leave me, please! =)

our summer has been wonderfully relaxing so far...how about yours?

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