Friday, June 11, 2010

a summer wedding

my cousin justin got married last saturday to his girlfriend of...a long time!  they were like mymichael and me in that we dated forever....6 1/2 years!  they were married in fort smith, arkansas in a little white church.  it was adorable.  i snapped a few pics throughout the evening.  unfortunately i didn't get any up close of the bride and groom.  wish i had.  sarah's dress was beautiful and she had some fabulous blue shoes!  it's always fun getting to be with the whole family!

mother of the aunt

the "caught-off-guard" dad

location of the reception...just a few houses down from the church

full of character both inside and out!

the cake, made by mama mom.  it was delicious!  the middle layer had a raspberry filling and the bottom layer had a chocolate/strawberry filling.  yummy!  oh, and look at their cake topper...they are adorable little birds kissing!  she found them on etsy...gotta LOVE etsy.

the grooms cake.  one word.  chocolate.  yum.

the kiss

me and mymichael!  isn't he handsome?

congratulations justin & sarah.  you have many wonderful years ahead of you to make memories...starting with a honeymoon in hawaii!

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