Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the quest for....

shoes & a camera bag!

i'm trying to be proactive for our vacation, so i am on the hunt for a comfortable pair of shoes and a camera bag. 

on a day to day basis i usually wear dress shoes/heels.  i love them and my closet is full of them.  unfortunately these are not a good option for long days of walking.  other than just flip flops and running shoes, i don't have many casual pairs of shoes.  i would like to find a pair of sandals that are #1 comfortable and #2 fashionable.  most of the comfortable sandals that i find are quite ugly or too casual...i don't want athleticky (word?) ones.  i have found a couple online that look like possibilities...but you never know until you try them on.  i like the gladiator sandal look, just wondering if the ankle strap would be comfortable.  both of the brands below are known for their comfort, but i've never had a pair, have you?

ecco groove gladiator sandal

merrell lotta sandal

camera bags:
there is a lack of cute/stylish camera bags in the world.  the majority of bags for slr cameras all look the same.  they are black and they are bulky and they scream "camera bag"!  i have found a few that are really cute, but they are either way expensive or they aren't practical for the type of vacation i am going on...or so i think...although the longer i look the more i think something like this could work...

both come with an across body strap.  i definitely love the look of these...especially the red epiphanie bag!

but, this lowepro sling bag i think is more travel friendly with what we are going to be doing.  it goes across the body so both hands could be free and it won't bounce around like the ones above.  you can wear it tight across your body or more loose and there is some room for personal items as well. 

so, as i was writing about the bags i convinced myself to get the red one...until i got to the lowepro one...why can't their be a happy median?  a stylish camera sling bag?  is that really too much to ask?

if any of you readers out there have any suggestions on the shoes OR the camera bag, please comment!  what are your favorites?


  1. I have owned several Merrell's and my daughter wears them too. Great brand!! Also, I love the red bag too, but after traveling Europe I would recommend the lowepro. Mainly because it is closer to your body and would be harder for someone to pick-pocket. In Europe you have to be VERY careful on the public transportation. I've watched many naive travelers get stuff swiped out of their bag or even pockets!

  2. My mom loves her Merrell Sandals, can wear them forever and day walking and not have sore feet...I absolutely love the epiphanie bags, was thinking of getting one myself...may have to wait for a birthday gift though. Good luck!

  3. I got a shoot sac. Ashley Campbell recommended it. Love it. Here is the website. I also got a yellow and gray (of course) cover to go with it. http://shootsac.com/

  4. Not sure what parts of Europe you have decided on, but I know that we did a LOT of walking on cobble stone & uneven brick and concrete roads and streets. So you might consider that into your decision. Can make for some VERY sore shin spints if not in the right kind of footwear. Just a suggestion. The two you chose are VERY cute though.

  5. Also...going to have to agree with the Lowpro for the reasons given above, as well as, when you get tired of carring it, Michael probably wouldn't have a problem holding on to that one as apposed to the red or green ones you found. If he is anything like my husband that is. I'm just saying. :)

  6. I like the red one!! But the last one seems more "practical"...


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