Sunday, September 26, 2010

the miller's {family pics}

this is going to be a long post full of pictures!  my friend carissa, with c.c. miller photography, asked if i would take her family pics again this year.  of course i would!  she has some of the cutest kids you will ever find!  we had a blast we went downtown and then to a field where we featured a family motorcycle.  lots of fun. 

now, before getting to the pictures....let's talk about what to wear for pictures.  you will see that she decided to go with bright, fun colors for everyone.  they are not all matchy-matchy, but they coordinate nicely while letting each person's personality shine.  this is the way to do it people!  the days of everyone wearing all black or all brown are over.  have fun with it.  use fun accessories, hats, scarves, jewelry, etc.  if you are stuck and don't know what your family should wear, look at retailers advertising.  if you have children, check out GAP and J.Crew, you don't have to buy, but you can get some great ideas to build from.  target currently has some of the cutest children's clothes around!  wear things that you would wear normally.  why portray your family as being uptight and formal if you are anything but that?  your family pictures should reflect your family so that when people look at them, they say, "yep, that's totally the miller's {or whoever}". 

i digress....onto the pictures.....

can you say children's model?  e was cracking me up the entire time.  there is no posing needed with him, he strikes them on his own!  let's just say that i called him mr. gq the whole time.  i mean seriously???

this is "little momma" according to her mother and this is one of my favorite pictures!  she was so proud of her freshly painted finger nails!

so, yea, the kids are cute, but how about the smokin' hot mom and dad??? 


i love these pics of little momma w/ her daddy!  can you tell she might be a daddy's girl??? 

thank you carissa for asking me to take your families pictures!  it was a blast!


  1. These are BEAUTIFUL!! Love the motorcycle pics! Very fun!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your talent with us Alayna! P.S. - I am so glad we made the "what to wear" for pictures list. HUGE sigh of relief! :)

  3. Those are great, where were the downtown pics at?

  4. Incredible pics Alayna! Looks like it was a fun shoot. They are such a beautiful family.


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