Thursday, September 2, 2010

welcome fall

i am a very seasonal person.  for anyone that knows me, knows that i get excited about each of the 4 seasons.  in my mind i have the months divided accordingly to fit with the seasons.

december, january, february = W I N T E R
march, april, may = S P R I N G
june, july, august = S U M M E R
september, october, november = F A L L

so, according to my schedule, it is officially FALL and i am way excited.  there is just something about his time of year that i love.  the chill in the air {not quite there}, the smells {crisp apple, cinnamon}, the food {chilli's and soups}, the colors {orange, red, green, brown, gold}, the clothes {lots of layers and textures}and a crackling fire.  so very nice! 

i love every season for different reasons.  this summer seemed to go by incredibly fast and i feel like i missed a lot of blogging opportunities!  i may have to try and catch up on some events in the coming days.  we had our high school 10 year reunion, mine and mymichael's 6 year wedding anniversary, and i'm still working on europe trip pictures.  it has been a busy few months to say the least!

do your self a favor and celebrate the beginning of fall by going to bath and body works and buying this candle:
it is FALL in a candle.  it smells oh so wonderful.  but hurry b/c last year they sold out and had me searching every bath and body works in the surrounding areas...including dallas!  i promise that it will make you smile and make the 95 degree days feel not quite so warm {although i am very thankful we are past the 105 degree weather around here!}.

Happy Fall!

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