Thursday, December 9, 2010

home remix

so, mymichael and i have lived in our house for a whole 3 years this month.  crazy to think that we have been back in t-town for that long.  3 years is the longest i have lived anywhere in the past 10 years!  now, this is nice b/c it means i don't have to pack and move and all that jazz, but the packing and moving and such always allows me to change my "home" space.  redecorate, paint, change things up a bit.  now that the 3 years are here, i am definitely ready for a home remix/redo/redecorate/repaint/etc!  to be honest, mymichael isn't too excited b/c when we bought the house 3 years ago it had just been professionally painted on the inside and i proceeded to paint every single room before moving in.  so, the thought of having to do that all over again is a little daunting to him!  but, here's the deal, i want a change, something different, and the least expensive thing you can do that can make a MAJOR impact on the feel of a space is paint.  so paint we shall...after the new year and after i determine what colors and such.  back in may i picked up some fabric to use in our office.  it has since sat in the corner b/c i had a feeling i was going to want to repaint everything and wanted to wait until i knew what the rest of the house was going to be.  lately i have been drawn to the light interiors w/ the greys and blues and lots of white.  my house has wood stained trim and since we won't be there forever, i don't want to go to the hastle and expense of painting everything white....although i would love that.  my walls are greens and blues right now (which i like....just want a change) so going with a lighter grey/blue color will really change the look.

here are some things that i am loving right now.....

these are all suzy hoodless designs from osborne & little.  i saw the first one, green and purple, in my friend francie's new york apartment and completely fell in love.  she had it on one wall and it was gorgeous!  b/c i'm going for a lighter look i wouldn't use the first colorway, although i love it.  below are some other designs from the same designer.

now, i wouldn't be doing every wall, if anything, just one.  haven't made up my mind.

white ornate frames

bold patterns

combination of patterns - geometric w/ organic

the possibilities are endless!  feel free to share input, links, photos, etc.  i always have a hard time deciding what to do for myself.  i can help someone else all day long w/ no problem....but me?  i'd hate to have a client like me! 

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