Thursday, December 16, 2010

tips for your christmas cards

i like this time of year because i actually like the mail that i receive!  i have been getting adorable christmas cards for the past week.  in honor of the traditional christmas cards, i thought i would share some great tips and examples that will definitely make your family stand out....

1.  matching gender specific sweaters

2.  do something that really shows off your families creative side

3.  get the kids involved...make the process fun for them!

4.  highlight your summer vacation and all the fun that your family had

5.  show off any new additions to the family...even if there is a litter of them

6.  get close!  show that you are a family that loves eachother {and be sure to incorporate every shade of denim}

last, but certainly not least
7.  get back to the basics.  simply your photos so that your families true beauty can shine through! 

{all photos are from}

i hope these great tips can put a smile on your face and help you with your christmas cards this year!

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