Tuesday, December 14, 2010

tasty must have {bagel thins}

i was at the store the other day strolling down the bread aisle looking for a low cal option when these caught my eye...

they are bagel thins....thin bagels!  i love bagels, but never eat them b/c they can easily have 400 + calories in one, before you add any toppings.  so, you can imagine how excited i was when i saw these bagel thins.  they only have 110 calories!  with all the other nutritional info, they come to a total of 1 weight watchers point.  SCORE!  they are great as sandwiches or with some cream cheese for breakfast....or with nutella if you have a sweet tooth, the possibilities are endless.  my fave is the "everything", but the "plain" is good as well.  now when you are grocery shopping you can grab a package of bagels without feeling guilty!

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