Thursday, February 25, 2010

favorite things

thought it was time for some favorites! 
if you have never had a tyler candle, go get one!  they are the most fragrant candles, you can actually smell them throughout your house.  i hate it when i spend money on a candle that smells so good in the store and then when you actually light it at home, you have to stand directly over it to even smell it.  that is not the case with tyler candles.  i love most of them, but i have one that is my favorite and it is called diva. i received one as a gift {thank you kelly!}and at first i didn't know if i liked the smell, but it grew on me fast and now it's a favorite.  here is it's description...
"The Tyler Candle Diva fragrance is a warm and complex fragrance overflowing with delicious fruits and rich florals. Rich aromatic chocolate and amber complete this luscious blend. It is her world...we just live in it. "
doesn't that sound fabulous?  trust me, it is.  you can get tyler candles at different stores around tulsa.

so you know when you smell something good and you wish you could just wrap yourself in that fragrance?  well, you can.  i was just recently introduced to the tyler candle laundry the diva fragrance!  one of my reps got me hooked on it.  it isn't cheap so she uses it on her sheets.  the key is to use it as a fabric softener instead of your main detergent.  that way you use only a little, but man do your sheets smell good!  the other night mymichael asked if they had dryer sheets so that you could "freshen up" the pillow cases!  i'm telling makes you sleep much better! 
for christmas i got some new cd's that i am loving.  john mayer and norah jones are so relaxing!

i love alicia keys.  i think it somewhat goes back to my days of piano lessons.  i love that she has an amazing voice AND can play the piano.  very talented!  this cd is just as good as her last it!

bonefish grill.  it is a wonderful restaurant in tulsa.  for an appetizer, if you like shrimp, definitely get the "bang bang shrimp".  it's awesome.  they have wonderful fish entrees as well as some great chicken entrees.  one of my favorite chicken entrees is "lily's chicken", it has goat cheese with a lemon butter sauce.  we were there last weekend and i had one of their specials, haddock with feta cheese, artichokes and lemon butter sauce.  yummy!  give it a try when you get a chance.

and is girl scout cookie time!  i love me some samoas and thin mints...oh so good...and dangerous...very dangerous.

those are some of my favorites right now, what's on your favorite's list?


  1. girl scout cookie favorite? I call them hoe downs... they're the peanut butter ones.

    restaurant in tulsa? have to go with mahogany

    recent music? haven't been listening to anything new - but I heard snippits of the song "soldier of love" by sade, and am thinking i'd like that cd

    rerun on tv? i've been watching lots of buffy the vampire slayer - nerdy good times!

  2. I so agree with the John Mayer and Bonefish grill "bang bang shrimp" picks!


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