Monday, February 22, 2010

this melts my heart

this beautiful, colorful ottoman melts my heart....well,only second to mymichael and third to any future children =).

in 2008 mymichael and i vacationed in portland, maine, and while we were thre i came across Company C.  since then i have received their promotional emails...which i constantly drool over.  today i received one eaturing this ottoman.  is it not awesome?  i love the legs, and the fabric, and how it is paired with other patterns in the photo above.  if only i had a place for it to go.....
somebody, that i know, PLEASE purchase this so that i can drool over it at your house!


  1. I'll take it!!! U can come drool over it anytime. far as the price, there will be a drooling fee to help pay for it...

  2. yowza! $800 for an ottoman??!?! it is divine though.

    did you see that you can buy just the fabric? not that $60/yard is cheap, but it's better than $800, right?

  3. you're not suppose to mention the price! i'm a fan of people "blind buying"! =)


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