Friday, February 19, 2010

project update

last month i had a post talking about my job as a commercial interior designer and i posted some pictures on one particular job that is currently under construction. 

well, last week i had another site visit, so i thought i would show you the progress that has been made....

***for those just tuning in...or to remind others...this job is a school that will house lower elementary age students.  the original school building burned down almost a year ago and at that time was about 100 years old.  the new school was to resemble the old school on the exterior.  the interior is full of color and pattern...not your typical white walls with one or two accent colors.***

it's still a mud progress there

but i did come prepared with better shoes unlike this day...snow boots can work in the mud, right?

love the rock and brick one would ever know that this is actually a metal building...

the tile is up in the restrooms and the countertops are the correct laminate.  can't remember if i mentioned last time or not, but when i walked through last month i noticed that the countertops were all installed with the wrong laminate.  we had tried to work very closely with the millworkers but they weren't returning our calls.  so usually when a mistake happens i am more than willing to work with them if it looks okay and the client doesn't mind the change.  this time i was not in the mood to work work with them.  they had two options...#1 replace all the counters with the correct laminate #2 refund money back to the client...they chose option #1.  don't they look good?

they have started staining the concrete floors.  there is a combination of 4 different colors, dark brown, light brown, blue and green.  this picture shows two colors.  the final step will be sealing the floors which will make them shine and bring out the colors even more...can't wait!

here you can see that they have got the light fixtures installed.  there is still a lot of work to do.  the bottom portion of the walls will have a vinyl wallcovering and there is still lots of painting to be done.  the circles hanging from the ceiling will actually be painted a color.

this week they were starting on the carpet and vinyl wallcovering.  i am planning on going back out next week, so stay tuned!

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