Thursday, February 11, 2010


this year we have had some great snows so far.  i am a big fan of the 4 seasons and getting to experience different weather throughout the year.  i could not live somewhere where it is the same all year round.  in the spring i love the thunderstorms with the rain, thunder and lightening, in the summer i love beautiful hot days where you can lay by the pool and relax, in the fall i love the crisp cool air and smell of fire and in the winter i love watching big white snow flakes fall. 

a couple of weeks ago we had a snow storm come through that had the local weather guys all in a tizzy.  it was all the news talked about for a whole week.  the staple winter foods were sold out in the grocery stores and you couldn't find a snow shovel or fire wood anywhere.  yep, our big 6 inches of snow shut the city down.  it's kind of funny b/c currently the northeastern u.s. is under something like 36" of snow....or more.  just goes to show that it's all relative! 

the friday that the snow came down mymichael and i went to a movie with my parents and afterwards i convinced them to all come with me to take pictures of the snow.  it was 11:30 at night and i wanted to try out my new wireless shutter release.  so we loaded up the camera and tripod and headed out.  we also brought along some snow shoes to have fun in.  one thing i determined that night is that i am not good at working a tripod!  i definitely need more practice.  i would much rather just hold the camera.  my goal was to get some pictures of the snow without using my flash, which means that you have to leave the shutter open longer on your camera so it can get plenty of light in { was 11:30 at night}, which means that the camera has to be super still or it will all just be a big blurr.  it was a challenge and fun at the same time.  i think we got some pretty pictures.  here are a few...

the moon was so bright!

a sihloette {totally think that is spelled wrong, but i don't want to look it up} of a tree.  i think it looks like sticks of bamboo....look how smooth the snow is!

the picture below is not in black and white like the others.  it's amazing at how it looks like day but it's really night and pitch black.  letting that shutter stay open longer lets you capture all kinds of goodness!

this picture illustrates how an open shutter can give you that soft flowing water cool!

i love's beautiful and white and soft and fluffy and pretty.....that is until it starts to melt and all the road gunk gets mixed into it.  i figure if it's going to be cold outside, you might as well have something pretty to look at and take pictures of. 

oh, i forgot to mention, we also made snow ice cream that night.  i hadn't had it in years and mom whipped up  a batch that was pretty yummy and super easy.  would probably be a fun little activity with some kids....if i had any....but i don' i just acted as the kid and enjoyed it myself.  i also usually try and fit in some sledding as well.  here are a few pictures from last year when we hit up the retainage ditch at 111th and yale...

note that not one of the happy sledders is an "actual", me, whit & mymichael {mom is a watcher and picture taker}

this is me taking out mymichael with an awesome snow ball...he totally deserved it!

ah...good memories!

 hope everyone's making the best of this crazy winter with some good memories!


  1. these snow pictures are fantastic! way suitable for framing!

    it's really too bad you aren't selling your services & photos...

    you'd be making some coin!

  2. Definitely got some framers! What did you have all your settings on?!?!

  3. your photos are amazing that 2nd shot is awesome!!! I love the snow too but i have to admit i am ready for Spring...Oklahomas winter has been crazy this year

  4. Your pictures are great Alayna! How did you learn all this? Did you take a class or teach yourself?

  5. thank you all!

    shelly...i have taken a couple of classes and just practiced alot! it's tons of fun!


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