Thursday, March 18, 2010


i have decided that i want to try a new-to-me tulsa restaurant at least every 2 weeks.  so many times mymichael and i get to where we eat at the same restaurants over and over again, not that anything is wrong with that, but tulsa has so many unique places to try.  we don't eat out a lot so it will take a while to hit all the places i currently have on my "want to eat at" list.  

i recently found tulsa food blog and it is great!  while searching on there last week i read a review about Tacos Don Fransisco's.  it is a true authentic mexican restaurant that supposedly has really great tacos.  so wednesday mymichael and i decided to ty it out over lunch. ***pardon the photos as they were taken with my iphone and not the best quality!***

Taco's Don Fransisco's is located on 11th just east of Harvard...around TU.  now, when i say it is an authentic mexican restaurant i mean it is an authentic mexican restaurant.  complete with tongue, cheek and lord only knows what else kind of tacos!  not to worry, i stuck with beef {carne asada}, chicken {pollo} & pork {carnitas} tacos.  i love tacos served this way...two corn tortillas, meat, tiny diced onions and cilantro.  simple and delicious!  the rice was very tasty as well...i'm not much of a refried beans girl but i tasted them and they were good.  so, if you want to try some authentic mexican food head down to Taco's Don Fransisco's!  one of my co-workers has been talking about wanting to try some tongue or cheek tacos, so i just may have to hold him to that and take him here for lunch.  trust me...i will NOT be indulging in that!

another new-to-me restaurant that i have tried this week {off to a good start!} is Dragonmoon Tea Company.  it is located at 19th and Harvard in an old, brick, two-story house.  it is an adorable tea room.  i was by myself and needed to get back to work, so i just ordered something to go.  the menu consists of different salads, sandwiches, quiche's and bakery items.  everything sounded delicious.  a lady working suggested the sandwich below {unfortunately i can't remember the name}.  it is very different....croissant with granny smith apples, slice of cheddar cheese, a cheese spread and champagne mustard.  take a look...

interesting, right?  the side is a rice salad which i love and can't wait to try at home.  here is what is in far as i can taste/see...wild rice, dried cranberries, celery, orange zest, green onion, and candied pecans and some sort of dressing, but i'm not sure what it is.  i have never had a rice salad before, but i like it!  

so, there are two new-to-me restaurants for this week!  do you have any suggestions?  favorite restaurants {more tulsa-local ones instead of chains}? 


  1. both of these are a little pricey - so save for a special night - but Lucky's on Cherry Street is super yummy and Villa Ravenna in the Farm is ridiculous!

  2. i have been to both and you are correct, they are great! i need to go back to lucky's for dinner...i've only been for lunch. great suggestions! keep'em coming!!!


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