Monday, March 15, 2010

polling all moms

i have a few friends that are currently pregnant and i am trying to decide what gifts to give them.  i want something that they will use and think, "what would i do without this?"....or something like that.  so, here is where all of you moms come in.  what are useful items for a new mom?  here are some items that i have heard good things about....
the bumbo chair

swaddle blankets
sleep positioners

what was a lifesaver for you with a newborn?


  1. This isn't really for a newborn, and I don't know how much you want to spend (cuz this may be too much) But Matt and I got Peyton an anywhere chair from Pottery Barn for her first Christmas (she was 6 months old then). It has been one of the best purchases ever! It is a soft, soft chair that they can plop in and not get hurt. The cover comes off for easy washing...wonderful for kids! It's light enough that they can drag it around where they want it. I just love it! Something a little out of the ordinary.
    Another favorite...a Boppy with multiple covers!!

  2. The Bumbo is good, however we only had it with Asher and he really could have cared less about it. It just made him spit up even more.

    If you are going to get a swaddling blanket get the Miracle Blanket. Nate called it a baby straight jacket.

    I have to say the one thing that we use the most and was on Avery and Addison's registries and mom was the only one that bought them for us are BOTTLES and we use lots of them and use them every day. We have 11 of the small ones and 22 of the large ones. Looking back on it you really do not need the small ones, because the large ones will hold both small and large amounts.
    Burp Cloths and Binky Holders are good as well. I know where you can get some really cute ones :)
    I know, I know call me practical.

  3. The Floppy Seat is another good one. It is well worth the 40.00 bucks. We have had our since 2003 at that time they only made them in red, which is nice because we could have used it for boys or girls. But you know we can only have boys. Anyway they can't use it till about 6 months. Avery and Addison used it till they were around 2 to 2 1/2 years old. It has been through many and I mean many washes and it is still in great shape. Asher started using it last month.

  4. In the same vein as the bottles... Munchkin brand makes a little basket that goes in the dishwasher that Moms can use for washing binkys, bottle nipples, oral syringes, etc... We don't bottle feed - but we have 2 of those baskets and they are full ALL THE TIME!

    I have some of the swaddle blankets - and haven't found them terribly useful - but that could just be L's personality more than the blanket's shortcomings... She doesn't appreciate a tight swaddle.

    MYLICON DROPS - BY THE GALLON. We wouldn't get the precious little sleep we do get if we didn't have Mylicon drops.

    Don't buy a sling. I know it's not on your list here - but they are listed as unsafe now. That having been said - I am VERY interested in getting a Moby wrap.

    I had asked our pediatrician about the sleep positioners because we used them with my nephew (who is 16 now)... He doesn't recommend them. But that could just be a personal thing. :)

    I LOVE that you asked this question - and I LOVE seeing the other Mommies' responses.

  5. thanks for all the many options!


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