Friday, March 19, 2010

project update

for those that have been following {high five} i have some updated project photos to share.  for those that have not been following, here are the past two posts to catch up on the project:  post #1  & post #2.  oh, and this post about the acrylic shaped trees.

well, last week i headed out to the job site to check things out and discuss the acrylic tree issue with the princeipla/superintendent.  the project is coming along so nicely!  they have the vinyl wallcovering installed {the yellow on the bottom part of the wall under the blue reveal}, they have got the sun and rainbow graphics painted and the ceiling furrdowns are painted as well. 
welcome color! 

so, the acrylic trees that i have been talking about will go on the corridor walls.  the sub contractor is supplying them even though they fought it pretty hard.  hopefully they will pay more attention to what they are bidding on in the future!  the trees will start just above the rubber base and go about 10' up the wall.  hopefully they will be completed and installed soon!  

this is the part of my job that is fun.  seeing all the work that you did, many months prior, come together piece by piece & layer by layer.  the school is extremely excited and other schools close by have been walking through and are very impressed.  this principal/superintendent in the past had only done white and shades of brown throughout his schools, so doing this was a huge leap of faith.  but everytime i go out there he talks about how much he likes it, how much the teachers like it and how excited they are for the students to see it! 
it's amazing what color can do for an environment if you will let it!

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