Friday, March 18, 2011

i'm jealous of your....

patio or porch, that is if you have one.  these past couple of beautiful days have me itching for a covered patio.  i love being able to lounge outside!  if i ever have one, i will want an outdoor fireplace at one end.  i want it to be deep so you can sit outside when it's raining and not get wet.  i want comfortable lounge seating and a really long table for fabulous meals cooked in the outdoor kitchen.  i want, i want, i want.....a girl can dream, right? 

well, to get you dreaming, i have posted some photos that i found on decorpad {super cool interiors website...great for getting inspiration!}.

in this next photo, the kitchen opens up to a patio....LOVE!

do you have a great patio or porch area?  if so, please can email photos to  if i get some pics, i'll be sure and share!

and for those of you that do have a fabulous patio/porch area....embrace outdoor living!

happy friday!

{all photos were found at decorpad}

1 comment:

  1. Thanks alot! Now I'm wishing we would have opened our kitchen to our patio like that one picture! :) Oh, and that last picture was one I had saved in my design book when we were building. LOVE.


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