Sunday, March 13, 2011

what's cookin' this week

grilled island bbq tilapia with cilantro lime rice

a few new recipes to try this week.  enchiladas are actually suppose to just be zucchini enchiladas, but for those that know my husband, be is all about the meat.  plus I have left over ground beef from the calzones i made last week.  i am super excited about the chicken and dumplings.  my friend cori tried them and said they were pretty tasty.  dumplings are in fact mymichael's favorite food and i never make them.  i tried a "quick" version one time that used tortillas as the "dumplings" and he politely, or not so, informed me that those were NOT dumplings.  so, hopefully this will get a better review from him! 

let's talk about sam's club for a moment.  i love sam's.  every sunday afternoon i go grocery shopping my parents and we always go to sam's.  why?  b/c it's awesome.  yes, they have large quantities, but hello people...i can get a thing of mushrooms for $2.68 and it is twice as big as the thing i get at the regular grocery store for $2.99.  or how about the 15 pound bag of basmati rice that i bought for $12?  the same rice would be $9 for a quarter of the amount.  we eat quite a bit of shrimp and fish and sam's has a great frozen selection.  that is where the "island bbq tilapia" is from.  it comes already in its marinade in individual packets, so you just cut open and pop in the oven or on the grill.  they also have a great blackened salmon.

hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. I think I'm gonna try that chicken and dumplings too! Sounds so yummy!


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