Friday, March 25, 2011

tulsa mom tip

i'm not a mom, but i'm thinking that this would come in handy if i had a car full of excited kiddos wanting to visit the zoo......last week my friend sarah and i were out driving around and decided to check out mohawk park.  unbeknownst {sp?} to both of us, the entrance to the zoo and the park are the same and apparently it was "take your kid to the zoo" day.  there was a line that was FOREVER long!  we then realized that it was spring break and a beautiful day thus the long line.  we were not THAT interested in checking out the park, so i quickly turned around on the center median and headed to opposite direction.  as soon as we turned out of the entrance, going west, we saw a very small white sign that said "alternate zoo entrance".  we became somewhat interested b/c of the ridiculous line of cars that was lining up down the main street so we decided to check out the alternate entrance and see if it was legit.  it is legit and it takes you by some interesting places on the way!

so, here is what we found....

if you are going to the zoo on a busy day, instead of going down sheridan, go down yale until it comes to a 'T'.  Turn Left instead of Right.  you will go by "rebel run" {an abandoned convenient store w/ confederate flags}.  follow the signs that say "lake yahola" {never knew tulsa had a lake yahola...}.  you will also pass the mohawk mobile estates on the left side of the road...keep driving.  go over "coal creek".  the road will curve and go over a railroad track...continue past "diamond vogel" until you get to "N Winston Ave", where you will turn right.  there is also a sign that says "mohawk golf course" and another little white sign that says "alternate zoo entrance".  when you turn right you will follow the road around the golf course and will see the nature center...keep driving.  you wind around a large pond, which i am assuming is "lake yahola"...not much of a lake.  this road will dump you into the same zoo parking lot that everyone else gets dumped into, except you didn't have to wait in stop and go traffic & you got to see some beautiful scenery!  it is a little further, BUT the guy that was in front of us before i turned around hadn't made it to the parking lot yet.

now that i have typed this, i'm thinking that some of you moms, if not all, have probably already figured this out.  but hopefully a few will still find it helpful!


  1. A friend of mine said she saw that sign the other day but she wasn't sure where it led! This is so good to know! Thanks! BTW, we were one of the crazies who took the kids last week! I had no idea it would be soooo busy!

  2. Ha! You are so funny! I'm actually really glad you found this :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ha, I think I'm more impressed that you remember exactly how to get there, creeks, lakes, stores, streets and all!


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