Sunday, March 20, 2011

what's cookin' this week

the crock pot chicken and dumplings that were on my menu last week.....were awesome!  and they were super easy.  mymichael gave them his approval.  thank you cori for the recommendation!

mymichael and i tried out marco's pizza, located at 81st & garnett, and it was tasty!  we loved the pizza crust.

i received my new cooking light magazine in the mail, so this week's menu contains all new recipes for me to try.  have you ever tried mustard greens?  i haven't, but that quesadilla recipe looks pretty yummy, so we shall see.

any great recipes you have stumbled on recently?


  1. My CL hasn't come yet, but I had a sneak peek of my mom's! YUM! The roasted veggie/ricotta pizza sounds delish!

  2. I've always wanted to try Marco's pizza, but never heard anyone mention it. I'm glad to hear that it was good, I'll try it now!

  3. So gotta try the chicken and dumplings. I'm gonna need some new yummy crockpot recipes, especially now that I have zero time to cook since baseball season started!


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