Thursday, March 10, 2011

it's random friday!

many random ramblings...b/c it's friday and by this time of the week that's all that is going through my brain.

yay for the weekend.  it's been a busy week around here and i am sure everywhere else as well.  it always seems that with the beginning of spring life seems to pick up.  no more hunkering down in front of the's time to get out and get moving!  speaking of moving, i have started running outside again.  for awhile it was way too cold for this girl who really hates running to begin with.  i keep trying....the nice weather definitely makes it better.  who knows, maybe i will actually like it one day...maybe. 

yesterday i was working at the office, aka the nearest starbucks, and my external hard drive started making a weird noise.  this completely freaked me out.  i don't store anything on my laptop hard drive, so as not to slow the computer down.  everything gets stored on an external hard drive.  this did give me peace of mind, that if my computer crashed all my stuff would be safe...that is until today and the weird noise.  and then it dawned on me that it's not like the external hard drive is immune to crashing, or dying, or getting lost, or being stolen, etc.  and that's what freaked me out.  there has to be a way to store all of your digital life online.  of course this is even more important now that i have started my own business.  all night i have researched different places that claim to back up your computer.  i'm giving backblaze a try.  it has unlimited storage which is super important b/c of all the huge photo files i have {it says i have over 400,000 MB of photo storage....YIKES!}, it is reasonably priced, and it will back up external hard drives {many of the ones i looked at wouldn't do that}.  so, i started the free trial last night.  i am a little concerned as it said the initial upload of all my stuff would take 201 the free trial period is only 15 days.  yea, i'm hoping that will change by the morning.  if not, we have some issues.  i mean really, 201 days?  that's over half a year!  if you have used an online program that is similar....please share!!!

couple of recipe updates.  i tried the shrimp creole from, and you should too b/c it was super yummy.  oh, if you ever need a substitute for tomato sauce, go to a can of red enchilada sauce.  works fabulously!  apparently the tomato sauce got left off my shopping list which meant i had to get creative or go back to the store.  i got creative and it paid off well...this time!  let me just say that i really love  almost every recipe that i have tried has turned out great, and the best part is that i know it is pretty healthy b/c she tailors all of them to work into the weight watchers diet.  love that...less thinking on my part b/c lets face it...if i ate recipes from the pioneer woman every day {which i would totally love to do} i would be 500+ pounds! 

i want a spring trench coat.  saw a pic of kate...the soon to be princess and she had on an adorable khaki trench coat and i love it.  must find.  i am also loving navy and white stripes on shoes, shirts, etc. 

i can not wait until mymichael gets done with this school semester so that we can repaint our living room and hallway.  i am itching for a change!  i already re-did the to come soon....but he made me promise to wait until he is done to tackle the living room.

i MUST finish going through my vacation photos from last july.  yep.  still not done.  i am close...only a day or so left in rome to finish up.  at that point hopefully i will be able to choose some to print and display in my newly painted living room and hall!

we have got to get some items posted on craigslist to sell.  are you...or your the market for a road bike or hunting bow?  if so, keep your eye's peeled b/c i will be posting the ones that we are selling.  they are in great condition, but mymichael decided he's not so much into the road bike and he just bought a new bow, so it's time to let the other one go.   

alright, enough randomness for now.  seriously.  this is how my brain works all the time.  earlier this week i left the door to our garage open for 2 hours...i was wondering why the house was so cold.  i also left the heater on in the bathroom for those same 2 hours.  neither were noticed until mymichael came home.  i really wish i had a reason for my absent minded-ness.  and no.  i am not pregnant. 

happy friday!

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  1. Will you update on the online photo storage? I've been burning my photos to DVD's, which can hold a lot of large file photos. But I still have over 6,000 photos on my computer. It doesn't take long to burn and it's good to have a hard copy. You could also look into that.


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