Wednesday, December 16, 2009

kitchen favorites

i decided to do a post about some of my favorite kitchen items.  these are things that i use on a regular basis....many of them each time i cook.  so here goes:

1.  Rachel Ray spoonula set {found at Ross}
2.  Pampered Chef avocado peeler
3.  Rachel Ray turner set {found at Ross}
4.  Pampered Chef baker's roller
5.  Kitchenaid stainless steel tongs {wedding has them}
6.  Pampered Chef pizza stone {this is the new version....mine doesn't have handles}
7.  Pampered Chef mini whisk
8.  Rachel Ray spoons {found at Ross}
9.  Kitchenaid small santoku knife
10.  Kitchenaid large santoku knife

but i must say that one of my all time favorites is my kitchenaid stand mixer.  it is 35+ years old and was my grandma's until she upgraded.  mine doesn't have the fancy bowl with a handle like below, but it is still kickin' and does an awesome job!

if you have never used a santoku knife, go out and buy one today!  they are awesome!!!  i have slowly been replacing my standard wedding registry black kitchen utensils.  i think the color ones are much more fun....color does make a difference! =)  the pizza stone is great for pizza, obviously, but also baking cookies and biscuits and such.  anyways, just a few of my favorite kitchen things.  now for my kitchen wish list!

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