Monday, December 28, 2009

the christmas TURKEY

well, christmas has come and gone and so has the turkey...well for the most part at least.  i decided to go with this recipe for our christmas turkey.  i purchased a fresh, not frozen, turkey to elliminate the days of thawing.  alright...starting with the picture in the upper left corner.  5 gallon bucket with brine {water, apple cider, fresh sage and rosemary and veggies}, grandma rinsing the turkey before putting in the brine, submerging the turkey in the brine, turkey all buttered up with the herb butter and resting on veggies, finally the finished product!  looks pretty good, huh!?!?  i wish i had got a pic of it before taking it out of the roasting pan, but to be honest i barely got this one.  dad had already taken the left leg off.  it was super moist and had great flavor with all the fresh herbs...oh and you could also tell that apples were used.  the gravy turned out good as well...different than typical gravy but pretty tasty! 

we give this recipe

so, if you ever need a good recipe for a brined and roasted turkey....this is a good one!

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