Friday, December 4, 2009

lulu's sweet shoppe

lulu's to go is located in the farm shopping center.  i was driving by, saw it, needed something for lunch and decided to try it out.  as soon as i walked in it smelled heavenly!  apparently it is bakery/cafe...this location happens to be all to go.  it was an adorable little shop.  the kind owner gave me a sample of their homemade apple pie and it was fabulous!  they make everything from scratch there....down to the broth they use in their soups.  they have bakery items ranging from scones to cupcakes, then they have deli sandwiches, they have dinners you can purchase to take home and heat up and they also do custom cakes...all the way to wedding cakes. 

i had the chicken salad sandwich, which the owner suggested, and it was very good.  it didn't have a lot of ingredients like you might think of.  it was simple and had lots of fresh herbs like dill and grapes/apples/nuts/etc. { might actually like it?}.  anyways, your lunch comes with a bag of chips and either a lulu's bon bon or a cookie.  she gave me a chocolate chip pecan cookie and it was huge and wonderful.  more than half of it is still waiting to be savored! 

each night she has four regular dinner choices and a special that you can pick up to take home.  monday nights it is indian curry with rice {she is indian}.  i am way excited to try it.  a small, which serves 2-3 people, is only $15!  some of the other specials are black bean goat cheese enchiladas, shrimp and sausage gumbo and spinach ricotta stuffed meatloaf with mashed potatoes and broccoli.  anyways...i can't wait to try more...if you are in the farm shopping center stop in!

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  1. man this food sounds amazing! i will have to go with you sometime during christmas break...or we can go for dinner! yum!


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