Thursday, December 3, 2009

the prestons {family pics}

growing up my family was practically family with the green's.  we met them i believe when i was in kindergarten...if not a little before.  we went to school together, church together, every friday night we ate at ken's pizza together, sundays after church we ate at either mazzio's or mexicali border together, we went to silver dollar city together, we always went sledding on snow days get the picture...we spent a lot of time together!  we also got to know jan's parents, the preston's, quite well.  they are an adorable couple to be around and we would get to see them a couple times each year. 

whitney, the oldest of the green "children", asked me a few weeks ago if i would go with her and her mom to springfield to take some pictures of her grandparents and of course i agreed.  jan's sister was able to join us as well.  here are some of the pics i got while we went on a nice walk.

whit, i hope these are along the lines of what you were was a great trip to visit two very special people!

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