Thursday, December 3, 2009

w o w!

i was at hobby lobby today getting some ornaments for our tree at the office and as i was strolling through the aisles i noticed an adorable little girl...probably 3 or so...and her mom picking out christmas ornaments.  i thought to myself, how cute and fun! 

fast forward to me trying to check out....there are only 4 registers open and each register has at least 5 people waiting in line.  the adorable little girl and her mom are in the line next to me.  apparently something happened that the said adorable little girl didn't like and she proceeded to throw a tantrum of which her mother ignored.  now, i realize that children do this and it doesn't matter how good of a parent you are...there will be times where the child becomes possed by the devil himself and there is absolutely nothing you can do.  i get that.  and that's what i thought this was. 

but then the adorable little girl's screams turned into her actually saying first it was all mumbled/jumbled together...and then i heard it and thought to, she's not yelling that!  and then i heard it again and again and again.......
"you a bitch momma and i don't like you". read it correctly....go ahead, read it again. 

yea, so not only is your kid throwing a tantrum, which again i totally get, but she is now calling you a bitch in the middle of crowded hobby lobby when they are having their 50% off christmas sale!  the mother continued to go about checking out and ignoring her kid.  now, i don't have kids, but if my kid started calling me a bitch i am pretty sure i would have handled it a bit differently!  so, for all you mom's out would you have handled this situation?????  seriously...comment!


  1. a) My sweet boys shall never ever let that word come out of their mouths!! Because we all know that my boys never say things they shouldn't.
    b) But if it does happen. We would leave the line go to the restroom and lets just say have a little chat. A spanking could take place or something taken away from them that they love and could not live without. Just deppends on what would make the best impact.
    c) We would return to the line and apologize to anyone that was still there.

  2. Well let's just say this. That would never happen because I would have taken my kid to the bathroom and spanked the crap out of their little butt BEFORE that point....that's right. I spank. Get over it. Maybe the lady in the checkout line NEEDS to spank if you know what I mean. We don't even want to talk about what would happen if I ever heard those words come out of my child's mouth. It would be ugly. UGLY!!!

  3. eventhough my precious little bun is still in the oven - I had to weigh in here... It would never have gotten that far for me.

    1 - when/if my darling little cherub begins to throw a fit in public, I will remove her from the situation to discuss her options with her.

    2 - when/if my darling little cherub uses language like that toward me (or at all for that matter) I will remove her from this planet. (KIDDING!) again, I'd LEAVE THE LINE and DEAL WITH DISCIPLINING MY CHILD.

    The other innocent shoppers at Hobby Lobby shouldn't have to endure my child's tantrum because I'm too lazy to deal with it.

  4. Holy cow! First I would deal with Ellie and then I would figure out where she heard that word and deal with that person also.
    I'm thinking "A Christmas Story" soap in the mouth punishment might be a good fit for this. Ha.


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