Monday, January 4, 2010

christmas on the farm

this year we celebrated our whole christmas on the farm.  earlier in 2009 my parents got to move into the farm house on my mom's 80 acres.  it is a 100 year old farmhouse.  they worked on it throughout the year and were excited about the ide a of having christmas there.  everyone has different family traditions.  ours has always been, do our immediate family christmas in tulsa before heading to the farm for christams eve with the whole extended family.  many times we have done our immediate family christmas days before and then afterwards take a trip to the mall to make any exchanges necessary...or just sale shopping!  anyways, this year we all headed down to the farm either before or on christmas eve {narrowly missing the blizzardy conditions in tulsa}.  we did our immediate family christmas at the farmhouse...which mom and dad had decked our in christmas decorations {including my great-grandma ruby jewel's silver christmas tree}.  we had lots of fun sipping russian tea and acting like big kids while opening gifts.  afterwards we headed to grandma and grandpas for the big christmas eve get together....that included 22 pounds of shrimp and many other tasty snacks.  here are some pics from our christmas.  i love excited/surprised christmas faces!

everyone had a fun WHITE christmas this year!  The farm got about 2-3 inches of snow...enough to make it white...but not the 7 inches in tulsa or 14 inches in the city! 

mymichael and i stayed around the farm until monday hanging out with grandma and grandpa.  grandma, my aunt sandra and i hit up the after christmas sales in fort smith and we got to check out the new additions at the farm.....

the first pic above is a new cow!  isn't he cute! 
anyways, hope everyone had a fun and enjoyable christmas!

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