Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i'm loving yellow these days

here recently i have been drawn to yellow...whether it is clothing, accessories, or furniture.  maybe it's because it is bright and cheery and we've had a bunch of grey days.  anyways, i decided to post some pictures of beautiful yellow things!

all the clothes are from macy's inc international concepts line, the rug is from west elm, the pillow is an etsy find

the chandelier and chairs are all from west elm, the kitchen towels are from target and the pillows are an etsy find

i love yellow with grey's, browns, blacks, white and geometric prints.
 it brightens your wardrobe or house immediately with a fresh crisp look. 


  1. i'm loving yellow too! and i can't seem to ever get to target when they have the yellow clock in that i want...so i'm guessing others are liking it too...

  2. i looked the other night and they were sold out....=( we'll catch it at some point!


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