Tuesday, January 5, 2010

winter lips solved!

this fall/winter i have had the worst case of dry, chapped lips.  i had been using Burt's Bees which in the past has worked great and i haven't had any problems with....until a month or so ago.  i noticed that my lips just hurt and weren't feeling any better.  i bought the medicated Burt's Bees thinking that would help, but instead they just got worse.  sarah and i were at bath & body works and she said that some of her students use their lip gloss all the time and their lips are always shiny & beautiful.  so, we went to check the lip gloss out...i happened to see something called a "lip buffer" and tried a sample.  it has these little sugar crystals that, when you rub your lips together, exfoliates and feels super good.  so, i bought a tube of the lip buffer and also their lip tint for easy color throughout the day.

i love this stuff...i have been so excited about it that i took my grandma to get some and then put them in the snow and took a picture!  i use the buffer in the morning and at night before bed and then follow the buffer with arbonne's chap stick, which is awesome as well.  anyways, all that to say that the next morning after using the buffer and arbonne chap stick, my lips were all better.  i know, you're thinking..."really, a post about lip stuff?"  but hey, that's what this is all about, right?  sharing awesome finds and such? 
hope your lips are feeling mighty smooth and hydrated in this FREEZING cold weather!

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