Friday, January 15, 2010

recipe {cranberry bliss bar}

have you ever tried the christmas cranberry bliss bars at starbucks?  they are pretty tasty and now i have a way to make something similar. 

the pioneer woman has a great recipe for some cookies called "spreads".  sarah made them and told me i needed to try them.  they are very easy and really good.  i made them exactly like the recipe the first time and thought to myself that the cookie part is very similar to the cranberry bliss bars.  the second time i attempted them i changed it up a bit...
add chopped pecans to the cookie part
instead of using milk or semi-chocolate chips on top i used white chocolate chips
after spreading the white chocolate, put the pan in the freezer for them to set up
mixed 1/3 less fat cream cheese with powdered sugar until you get the spreading consistency you want {not too thin but not too thick...very descriptive, huh!?!}
once the cookie with the white chocolate has set up, then spread the cream cheese mixture on top
finally top with dried cranberries and chopped pecans.  i think they are best served cold.

this is a really fast dessert to make!

we give this recipe

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  1. YUM-O!!!

    Okay, now you have to figure out the Starbucks cranberry orange muffin! :) It's my FAVE!

    PS - we have to get you out here to see this UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE little munchkin!



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