Monday, January 11, 2010

meet mak & oscar

mymichael and i don't have children right now, but we do have two adorable dogs...mak and oscar...

mak benefield
mymichael got mak the spring of our junior year at osu.  my uncle's dog had a litter of labs, so he brought them to tulsa to sell and mymichael took home adorable little black lab.  he has been through a lot with in an non air-conditioned/heated house with mymichael & his roommate {nate with his dogs: jesse, daisy & duke} in stillwater, graduating osu, moving to dallas, getting married, a burnt pot of beans***, apartment living, oscar as a puppy, living with mymichael's mom and husband for 6 months, moving to tulsa, and a possible seizure.  he is the most loyal dog...especially to mymichael.  mymichael is a great dog trainer and taught mak very well.  he is a very energetic dog and loves for you to throw anything and he will bring it back to you.  many times we have found a fire log in our house b/c he carried it in wanting us to play with him.  you will notice that he is getting older...his chin is now grey...he will be 7 years old this spring...yikes!  he's so sweet and we love him bunches!

***when we were in our first {700 sq. ft.} apartment in dallas, i decided one night i was going to make beans.  i put the beans in a big pot and covered it with water.  mymichael and i had to run a quick errand and when we got back our fire alarm was going off.  when we opened the door smoke came pouring out and you could not see 2' in front of you.  the fire alarm was ear piercing and mak was huddled up in a corner shaking.  poor, poor mak.  i haven't tried beans since then.***

oscar benefield
oscar originally was "my dog".  i had decided that i wanted a small dog and was looking at shitzhu's when i ran across the cavalier king charles spaniel.  once i saw a cavalier in person i was head over heels in love.  the only problem was that they typically run around $1200...mymichael was NOT going to spend that kind of money on a dog.  we were at the farm over memorial day weekend in 2006 when mymichael was looking in the paper and saw an add for cavaliers for only $350.  we jumped in the car with my grandpa and drove over to "take a look".  needless to say we had a new addition to our family!  he was the CUTEST puppy you will ever see.  i wish i had some of his puppy pics on my laptop, but i don't...i think there are some on my facebook...check him out there.  anyways, i was immediately in love and mymichael immediately informed me that i would be the one training him.  well, as you can imagine, i am not *quite* as disciplined as mymichael.  he really kind of hated oscar at the beginning {mymichael will probably deny that last statement...but i totally think its true}.  anyways, oscar loves anything soft.  in particular this super soft and snuggly off white blanket that i bought a couple months ago.  he is drawn to it.  the other night i was watching tv and heard something....i look over and in the basket that holds our throw blankets, oscar is in the basket trying to curl up on "the" blanket and continues to fall out on his head.  gotta love him.  so, yes, anything soft or warm, he likes being curled up beside you, he has great big adorable eyes that make it impossible to punish, he does listen {despit what mymichael might say}, he gets cold easy and shakes all over, he likes to pounce on mak, when he is totally asleep it is usually on his back with his legs up in the air, and he growels kind of like a cat purrs.  he's fabulous and now mymichael loves him as much as i do!

my three guys.....yes, that is the infamous off white blanket that oscar loves.  please notive how he is curled up in the nook of mymichael's knees with only his head poking out!

so, now you've met mak and oscar....our two kids for the time being!

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