Thursday, January 14, 2010

sarah's fun reception

sarah just got her pics back from her reception and they were super great!  i wanted to share some fun ones.  her photographer was Andrea Murphy {; the adorable couple on the page is sarah and dave at their wedding back in march} and she did a great job!  she had a fun "snap shots" lounge where she set up and took wacky pics of people throughout the night.  kind of like a photo booth....but much more fun!  these first ones are from before.  sarah didn't have a traditional wedding, so no bridesmaids, but she does have great friends {if i do say so myself!}. 

this was the first really cold day of the season....we were all FREEZING and bundling up in between photos.

the flowers she had were beautiful!

alright....more to come....these take FOREVER to upload!

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