Wednesday, January 13, 2010

recipe {chocolate croissants}

over christmas break i saw the movie, "it's complicated", with meryl streep, steve martin & alec baldwin.  it was really cute.  i LOVE meryl streep....she is awesome.  in the movie, she owned a bakery and after one of her dates with steve martin they go to the bakery and she tells him she will make him anything off the menu.  he selects the chocolate croissant.  they go in the back and she whips some up...from scratch.  they looked amazing!  afterwards, i thought to myself, "i could make something like that!".  so, here is my version:

crescent rolls

chop your chocolate and then put pieces in the crescent rolls and roll up.  bake until golden brown. 

now, i totally belive that if you made your dough from scratch that these would be 100% better.  and if you used phyllo dough they would be 50% better.  but for a super quick and yummy dessert, these worked well! 


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