Tuesday, January 12, 2010


during my week off from work i decided to get some things organized around the house.  what you might think of "spring cleaning" as...i decided to do in december.  i made a list of a couple areas i wanted to tackle and what storage containers would be needed and headed off to target.  after a basket full of containers i was ready to get started...

area #1:  the tv cabinet that we have in our bedroom has the tv on top and the inside has become a catch all for a variety of things ranging from a ps2 to house slippers.  so, here is a before and after picture {i know....pics of organizing?  really they were simply for my motivation....if i took a before then i would have to actually finish for the after!}


on the left you will find belts in the top drawer, light weight scarves in the middle and winter scarves in the bottom drawer.  to the right are winter sweaters...neatly stacked.  on the bottom shelf is a bag of mymichael's hunting clothes b/c i can't hog ALL of the storage.  to the right of that is a dry cleaning basket.  the drawers in the bottom contain house shoes, corn bags and candles.  random, yes, but at least they have a place.

area #2:  our guest bedroom closet {aka my shoe closet}.  this is a place where i keep all of my shoes and then in tons of other stuff has found its way there as well...take a look...

as i started taking out the seasonal decorations and failed art projects, the shoe shelf that i had searched all over for and purchased a couple of years ago, decided to completely collapse!

yea....it was great.  that meant yet another trip to try and find a shelf that would work.  i have determined that there is NOT a good shoe shelf that is somewhat affordable.  i piled all my shoes on the bed and headed to find the perfect size shelf for both the width and the height in the closet.

mymichael says i have too many shoes...i personally don't think thats possible.  i did however get rid of about 6 pairs.  here is the before and after of the closet organization.....

i even made room for some of michael's shoes and boots on the bottom shelf.  that made him very happy!
it's nice to see everything nice and neat.

in other organization news {that i don't have pics for}, i got a big box for all the decorative flowers and another big box for all my tablecloths/placemats.  they are in the tops of other closets.  it always feels good to nice and organized!  i think my bathroom will be on the list for "spring cleaning".

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  1. I LOVE ORGANIZING!! We just did this too. That is how we spent our weekend without the kids (my sister took them). How boring are we?!?! You know you are getting old when you have time off and you choose to organize. It just feels so darn good though! We are now ready to have a huge garage sale too because we found so much stuff we are ready to get rid of!


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