Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kassie Martin {maternity pics}

Kassie married my cousin Colby a little over a year and a half ago and as you are reading this she is most likely in labor or has just had their baby girl.  i'm sooo excited!  anyways, when i was on the farm for christmas kassie asked if i would take some maternity pictures of her.  it was freezing cold, so most were inside.  we did brave the cold....and electric fence....for a few.  i think we got some sweet ones.

let me just say on this one...can you believe she is less than 2 weeks away from giving birth?  she does NOT look 9 months pregnant....i think it helps that she is like 6' tall!  lots of growing room for the baby!!!

this tree has been around forever and holds lots of family memories

can't wait for the call sometime today saying that
miss avery lyric martin
has made it into the world!

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