Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What is E.Design?

Many of you may not be familiar with the term "E.Design".  I wasn't either until a year or so ago.  E.Design is an Interior Design service that is done through the internet and email.  When I started my own company, Ruby Jewel Sudio, I did some research and decided that it would be a great service for me to offer. 

Ruby Jewel E.Designs are exceptional interior design services that you can receive no matter where you live. I communicate with you through email, phone conversations, and snail mail. 

This is perfect for clients who desire a customized design plan that don't mind doing a little legwork themselves and just need a good "design map" to follow.   Depending on the type of package selected, you may have to send me measurements or your room and furniture.  But don't worry, I will email you the "Ruby Jewel Guide to Measuring & Taking Photos", so you will know exactly what to do.  The E.Design packages also allow you to make product purchases as your personal budget allows.

The pricing for E.Designs is super simple because it is a package price.  You know exactly how much you will be spending for my services, before we start.  The type of package and size of your room determines your price. 

Here is an overview of the different E.Design packages and a couple of previous Inspiration Boards:

Ask A Designer: 
-do you need a designer’s opinion? don’t know where to find something or need a quick idea for one specific area in your home? this service focuses on a single design problem or question.

Color Selection
-selecting a new paint color for your home can be an overwhelming task! whether it is a single room that you are wanting to repaint, or your entire house, i can help you pull together, one or twenty, colors that will work with your existing home accessories and furniture.

Space Planning & Reorganization
-do you have a room in your house that just doesn’t flow correctly? you can’t seem to figure out a good arrangement with your furniture? or did you just buy new furniture and have no idea how to place it? if yes, then this is the perfect option for you. it is amazing how a room can change by simply reorganizing it.  i can give you a plan showing what works the best for your space. it can be existing furniture you have or if you are wanting new furniture and want to know what would fit best in your space.

Simply Accessories
-simply accessories is for the client that has all the basic furniture in your room, but you need suggestions for accent pillows, window treatments, rugs, accessories for book cases, art, etc. simply accessories will give you the finished, designer look that you want for your space.

All the Above {& More}
-this is your complete room design. a color palette, selection of furniture {all or individual pieces}, space plan, selection of accessories, and a shoppting list with every product listed and where it can be purchased. this will be a complete "design map" for you to assemble your newly designed room.

For additional information and pricing, please visit my website http://www.rubyjewelstudio.com/

I would love to help you with any of your Interior Design needs....residential or commercial....big or small! 




  1. This is awesome girl! What a great idea! Love your work. Love you.

  2. I recognize that room! Can't wait to see her finished project!

  3. Love, love this service. We are a little slow with the implementation but can't wait until the office/craft room is complete! The color is fantastic & you gave us EVERYTHING we were looking for but didn't know how to pull it together :)


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