Tuesday, May 3, 2011

lost and found

just the other day i found my new york city photos that i had *temporarily* misplaced.  to say the least, i was ecstatic!  i blogged about the trip in this post, but i didn't have my pics done.  so, although extremely late, here are a few photos from my fun girls trip with my sister kelsi and her college roommate abby. 

you can write on confetti that is released on new year's eve in times square.

beautiful central park

frozen hot chocolate at serendipity.....get it....it's awesome.

store desplay in soho

dinner in little italy...fab-u-lous!

yummy cannoli

my friend francie from college...totally ran into her walking around the upper west side!

francie's apartment and super cool wallcovering!  i love it...and totally gushed about it in this post.

what happens when you have a camera, time to play, and a beautiful fall day....

we are completely out of focus on this pic....but i love it!

i do have to admit that it was quite fun going through the photos so many months later.  it totally makes me want to go back.....i really do love nyc.

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