Thursday, January 6, 2011

belated abstract christmas lights

the week of christmas my friend kelly and i went out to rhema and took pictures of christmas lights.  each year rhema puts up thousands of beautiful lights with music and everything.  it's a great holiday tradition if you live anywhere near tulsa.  my favorite pictures that i took are all more abstract.  i had lots of fun blurring the lights to get different effects.

to take photos like these, with the lights blurred creating circles, you have to put your lens on manual focus.  then play with it until you get the look you like.  i think some of these would look really neat blown up really big on canvas!


  1. I love them! It's worth standing in out in the cold. They turned out great!

  2. Love! Let's put one in my house! You just have to tell me where of course. You know I am design challenged!

  3. Love them! Especially the last one! Had so much fun.


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