Monday, January 24, 2011

design highlight

getting things in place for my new business has made me take the time to photograph recent residential projects i have completed.  this week i am going to show a different space each day.

at my past job i did all commercial interior design.  that means that i worked on schools, churches, offices, pharmacies, etc.  residential and commercial interior design is very different.  the commercial interior design that i did was very much interior architecture.  in my free time i was able to work on some great residential projects that included furniture selection, art selection, rugs, and accessories.  so, onto the first design highlight....

the watson's formal living room


this family had just moved into a new home and needed help with furniture selection, rugs, art, and accessories. also, the client had a few pieces of family art that they wanted to incorporate into the room. the gorgeous chandelier was existing and was a great focal point to work around. the walls stayed their original neutral color which was a great backdrop for the rich materials, textures, and colors. Turquoise, citron green, burnt orange, and charcoal give the space interest in an otherwise neutral palette. by combining elegant pieces and formal items with rustic touches,the combination of all these elements allows the room to become a very welcoming place where many people can gather.

the mirror credenza reflects the colors and design from the area rug.

this rug is gorgeous.  it is hard to tell from the photo, but it is a "sculpted" rug.  it's not just flat.  there are grooves that separate the design and colors.  gorgeous! 

the bird art on the wall are family prints.  by placing them in a white frame your focus is on the subject matter instead of the actual frame.  the daybed creates the perfect reading spot in the formal living room. 

the painting above the desk was painted by one of the client's grandparents.   bringing sentimental touches into a space allows the space to become home.  the desk, with extensions on either end, doubles as additional eating space for large dinner parties. 

here is a color pop of the space.  you can see how bold colors can work very nicely in a formal space, without being too overbearing and heavy.  the color palette, along with all the textures, and materials, helps make this formal living room a comfortable and inviting space.

i hope you enjoyed the photo tour of the watson's formal living room!  you will be seeing more of their home later this week...stay tuned!


  1. I wish I would have known of your talents when we were building our house! I guess you could decorate for me!!! I have two rooms that need help!

  2. Let's see, what is the word I am searching for...AMAZING. Oh yes, and I am totally depressed after seeing this that I didn't get a bright and funky rug instead of the blah one from Pottery Barn that Michael just ordered. I am also obsessed with that couch. And the chairs. And pretty much everything.


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