Tuesday, January 25, 2011

design highlight...take 2

the watson's dining room


i could eat dinner in here, how about you?


this is the watson's dining room, it is located directly across from their formal living room, which i highlighted yesterday.

for this project we needed curtains, a light fixture, wall treatment, art, and a buffet piece. since the floor, table, and chairs are all existing and dark wood, i wanted to brighten the room. the white and silver trellis pattern wallcovering added just the right amount of interest to the walls. instead of doing one large light fixture right in the center of the dining room, i opted for two smaller fixtures that would center over the long table. the buffet was an existing piece, of the client's, that i had refinished in a white lacquer. it completely changed its look and made it work perfectly for the space. the blue silk draperies create a focal point while breaking up all of the white. a simple color palette and pattern can create a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

this is a perfect example of how you can take more traditional pieces and pair them with more contemporary colors and patterns to create a unique space.

this piece of furniture was a dark wood and black.  paint can make a huge difference on furniture.  it can give a second life to a piece that otherwise you might get rid of...and not to mention that it is great on the pocket book!  i love this wall covering.  it makes such a statement, but yet it is so simple.  it can go traditional or more contemporary/modern. 



the color pop for this space shows the tight color palette.  the blue tones pair perfectly with the dark browns in the floor and furniture, while the bright whites and silver lighten the space.

stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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  1. You are so talented. Do you have before pics? I love the before and after! (since this blog is all about my personal wants and needs ;))



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