Monday, January 10, 2011

the business of being in business....

my oh my at all the things to get set up!  i managed to completely and utterly confuse myself with the whole email/calendar/contacts thing.  i have used hotmail in for years and love it.  when i started this whole business venture i googled how to sync my hotmail account with my microsoft outlook account, allowing me to easily manage contacts and my calendar.  the next fete was to sync that to my iphone, which is impossible b/c hotmail doesn't have some sort of pop something other that would allow the iphone and computer to wirelessly sync.  i could plug my phone into my computer and sync it, but i wanted the syncing process to be wireless.  i found this out only after hours of googling and trying different things and then finally making an appointment at the apple store for them to try and help.  and that is where the nice guy told me it wasn't possible....but that i could purchase another program for $100 that would work.  no thanks. 

after leaving the mall and heading to my new office {aka the nearest starbucks}, i remembered seeing on my iphone, where you add email accounts, that gmail was an option {hotmail was not}.  so, i thought, what the heck, i'll give it a try.  so again, i googled how to do it and after following the instructions it worked!  the new gmail account would sync with my microsoft outlook which would then syc to my iphone allowing me to update.  now the trick was to sync all my contacts and emails from my original hotmail account to my new gmail account.  again, thank you google for providing answers to everything!  so, after multiple days and hours of trying to figure this dang thing is DONE!  i can email, add contacts, and appointments from either the computer or my phone and it will all sync nicely.  whew! 

so, the moral of this story is:  if you want to sync a free email with microsoft outlook and then to your iphone....don't use hotmail!  hopefully someone else can benefit from my hours of frustration!

on a happier, unfrustrated note, i am enjoying my new schedule and office.  the chairs are so comfy and it's snowing right now, which makes it even better.  so far, monday's are much better now than they were!

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  1. Excited to see where your new adventure takes you. I am sure it will be somewhere fabulous.



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