Sunday, January 23, 2011

what's cookin' this week

i have a couple of confessions to make...
#1  the crock pot meatloaf has been on my list 3 times now b/c things keep coming up.  BUT i am making it MONDAY!
#2  you will notice that the pork barbacoa is on my list again {it was there last week}.  the reason being...i only did half the recipe!  i marinated the pork, cooked the pork, shredded it, and then ate it.  it was good, but i completely missed the last half of the recipe where you add a whole sauce with chipotle peppers and and then let it cook another 1 1/2 hours.  so, we will try it again this week and hope to do the WHOLE recipe!
#3  i tried the moroccan chickpea chili that was on my menu last week and it was not good, unless you LOVE chickpeas.  so, don't waste your time!  {i must apologize to dave and sarah for subjecting them to it!}

onto the menu:

crockpot meatloaf w/ fingerling potatoes & green beans
chicken parmesan with orzo and spaghetti sauce from "the hill" in st. louis {thanks sarah!}

happy monday!

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