Thursday, February 17, 2011

...and i fell in love....

ha!  i bet you were thinking that this was some sappy belated valentine's day post to my sweetie, sugar pie, hunk of love, mymichael.  well, not exactly.  i mean, i love you hon, but you hate valentine's day, so why should i waste a blog post?  i still love you, despite your hatred of v-day. 

anyways...this is not a love post to my love muffin, but to my love of.............

kitchen aid mixers

i know.  a mixer.  a kitchen aid mixer.  do you see all that color and the beautiful flowers?  it sounds silly, but i get so excited when i see colorful kitchen aid mixers.  they are awesome.  i have grown up with them in my mom and grandma's kitchen.  they were always a staple to the kitchen appliances.  you know, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, kitchen aid mixer.  the great thing is that they last forever!  i was lucky enough to inherit my grandma's old kitchen aid is 35+ years old and still kickin'...or i guess mixin' would be more appropriate. 
i so wish i had checked her blog earlier b/c i totally would have commented for a chance to win one of those beauties!  am i a complete dork?  maybe, but i'm okay with that.


  1. If you're a dork, then I'm a was love at first sight for me (and I did comment of PW's blog!)

  2. I left a comment! I would love a mom got one recently and I think she's about to open her own little outta-the-house bakery! haha!

  3. I totally saw this on PW and LOVED it! I mean FUN is that mixer! I would have to mix something every day if I owned it!!


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